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Elin Synnøve Bråthen

Singer, songwriter and Doctor of Arts from Northern Norway, who has created her own musical fix: melodious timeless music mixed with elements from other styles (world, jazz, Celtic), elegantly flirting with the retro pop sound of the 70s and 80s. The songs carry signature in composition, sound and lyrics, and earned her the award Best International Artist at the Exposure Music Awards. The albums Earthly Things (released as Eliksir) and The Anchor And The Dream display a songsmith indulging in colourful variation, inviting the voice to dance high and low, from whispers to ethnic belts. The lyrics - truly the stuff made from dreams - make the mind wander. Perfect Addiction presents eight tracks created within a similar retro framework, in addition to a beautifully despondent version of Mercy Street, thus paying tribute to all-time favourite Peter Gabriel. 

Elin Synnøve - single cover "Like a B-side"
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Brilliant session musicians generously grace the tracks with personality and musicality, leaving an overload of ear candy for the close listener.

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